49th Petanque World
Championships 2020
JULY 15 to 18 2021

What the press has to say…………

2020-4-18 - RTS sport- "We wanted a real world championship with the 48 federations"

The Mondial de pétanque should have taken place in July in Lausanne. But faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, the organizers had no choice but to cancel the demonstration. Christian Cosandey, president of the Lausanne 2020 Organizing Committee, reacted on Saturday evening on the Sport Première program.

2018-4-14 - RTS - Sport-Première, Pétanque: Prilly-Lausanne will organise the World Championships

The International federation has decided to attribute the World Championships 2020 to the petanque Club Le Lys. The decisison was taken on the 8th of april in Paris.The competition will take place in the future Malley Center and should attract a broad public. Christian Cosenday, president of the organisation comitee and Olivier Gallizioli, president of the Lys club of Prilly are the guests of Sport Première.

2018-4-11 - 20Minutes – The petanque World Elite in Prilly - Vaud

The best boule players of the planet will confront in the new Sports venue of Malley-Prilly in 2020.
In the footsteps on the Youth Olympics which will take place place in January 2020, followed by the World Ice Hockey Championships in May, the futur Sports venue of Malley-Prilly will greet the best boulistes of the planet in July of the same year.

2018-4-11 - 24Heures- Pétanque – The World Championships will take place in Malley in 2020

Attributed by the International federation to the Petanque Club of Prilly, the world Championships will take place in July 2020 in the new Sports Center.

2017-9-25 - Prilly wants the Petanque World Championships in 2020

The town of Prilly is in the starting blocks for the organisation of the 2020 World Petanque Championships in the new Malley Sports Center.

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