49th Petanque World
Championships 2020
JULY 15 to 18 2021

Working to make this happening a success is……..

  • a « Fanny » for each working hour (drink token)
  • an exclusive event T-shirt

A thank you event will follow after the championshipos
Approximately 100 to 150 volunteers a necessary for the good progress of our event, which will translate into moments of contacts, of sharing, of friendship and lots of laughter.

I want to be a volunteer !

Signing up as a volunteer !

See you soon !

For further information:

Our specific needs in volunteer help

March 2021A per needs 
April 2021A per needs 
May 2021A per needs 
June 2021A per needs 
July 2021A per needs 
 Jul 12 20218h-14h, 14h-20h
 Jul 13 20218h-14h, 14h-20h
 Jul 14 20218h-14h, 14h-20h
 Jul 15 20218h-14h, 14h-22h
 Jul 16 20218h-14h, 14h-22h
 Jul 17 20218h-14h, 14h-22h
 Jul 18 20217h-14h, 14h-22h
 Jul 19 20218h-14h, 14h-20h
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