49th Petanque World
Championships 2020
JULY 16 to 19 2020

Your questions ....

How to get a pass?

The box office will be open on our website site from November 2019. (You could make a gift to your friends and relatives for Christmas 2019)

What are the accommodation possibilities ?

Lausanne and its suburbs offer more than 5000 rooms per day.
Proposals on Lausanne Tourism.

How can I become a volunteer at this event?

Registration as a volunteer will be opening on the site in spring 2019. See you soon!

Will it be possible to come to the motorhome event, are there campsites or parking areas near the site?

To this day we can only give you the coordinates of the Vidy campsite in Lausanne which welcomes the motorhomes, either on
It is located about twenty minutes walk or public transport from the competition site.

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